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Finding the right trading partners and overseas suppliers to help your company grow and improve its profits is a challenging, time-consuming task, filled with uncertainty and risk. Questions about quality, inventory management, timeliness certifications,and controls make sourcing overseas a difficult proposition.Language barriers customs, financing, and time differences make the process even more complex.
This is where Naitik can help.

Who we are?

After for over 50 years in business and etablished export house in Mumbai, India, we have started office in USA as an importer,exports and sourcing agents to work closely with USA buyers, Sellers and manufacturers for their importing and exporting needs and opportunities. More then acting as a middle man, we provide value added services and expertise to minimize risk, reduce cost and streamline supply chain in an international market.

Our Mission:

"To establish naitik Inc as a leading global trading partner to connect inernational buyers and sellers by providing value added services that will minimize their trading risk, reduce cost and increase bottom line."

We look forward to putting our experience, relationships, and contacts to work for you as your Global Sourcing Partner.

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"We put God first in everything we do"